• Timely Mowing
  • Sharpened Blades
  • Professional Trimming
  • Proper Mowing Height
  • More Leisure Time

Froess Outdoor Services offers professional mowing services in Monroe and St. Clair counties. We have been providing mowing services to our customers in the Metro East area for over 10 years. This service not only provides you with a manicured lawn, but it really opens up your schedule to take part in your favorite leisure activities.

Professional Mowing Services by Froess Outdoor Services

Our customers come home after a long hard day to find their lawn mowed & trimmed and side walks cleaned off. Instead of pulling the mower out of the garage, our customers pull the grill out and enjoy a relaxing evening with their family.

Professional mowing not only frees up your schedule, it is also a vital component to a beautiful weed-free, green, and healthy lawn. We will bring our commercial mowers to your lawn with sharpened blades and the mower deck set at the optimum height for the time of year. Sharpened mower blades provide a nice clean cut of your grass blade. If your blades are not sharp, the blade will actually tear the grass plant which will cause your lawn to brown and allows disease to enter the plant. Proper mowing height is important, especially in our area with the fluctuating temperatures throughout the growing season. In early spring and late fall your mowing height should be lower and a 3.5 to 4 inch mowing height is optimum going into the heat of summer.

Professional Mowing Services by Froess Outdoor Services

In addition to proper mowing and more free time, professional mowing gives you more room in your garage and fewer trips to your garden center. No longer will you need a mower, blower, weed eater or multiple gas cans taking up space in your garage. That valuable square footage can be used for bikes, fishing gear and sports equipment. Your trips to the garden center will be cut down as you will not need to make the trip to get weed eater string, two cycle oil or new equipment.

Froess Outdoor has delighted existing customers in Columbia, Waterloo, Freeburg, Belleville and surrounding communities. Call, email, or text us today to get the mower rolling or with any questions.

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